Fiftieth Night of Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! Today’s festivities began with going to dinner with my dad and brothers and then bowling with my brothers. I baked cookies today and went to church and now I’m getting ready for dinner with my family. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and an even better Christmas Day!

For the final video on this year’s countdown, I decided to go with a classic, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Hope you enjoy! And I hope you enjoyed the countdown this year. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to leave a comment on any post here. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Forty-Eighth Night of Christmas!

Two days away! We’re so close! This morning I made cookies with my family but I needed to go to work, so we’re going to frost them tomorrow (cutouts!) before I go to work, again. 😔 BUT once I get home I will be officially done for Christmas! Then the day after Christmas I return to work 😔, but it shouldn’t be too bad I suppose.

Either way, the season is upon us! I hope you’re all enjoying it! I’m so ready! Last night we went to seethe Christmas lights in Hamburg but it was raining so it wasn’t that exciting. Then we found a little Christmas store that turned out to be a lot bigger than we thought. i posted a fewpictures below. Tonight’s video is “A Mom for Christmas.”






Forty-Seventh Night of Christmas!

It snowed today! And I didn’t have to work! It was a glorious day! I went to lunch with my friend and now I’m actually at the Hamburg Fairgrounds for the Festival of Lights. It’s supposed to snow a lot the next two days so I may actually get a white Christmas! Hope you all had a good day like me! 😄

And tonight’s video is for those of you who won’t have a white Christmas. It’s a movie called, “A Christmas Without Snow.”


Forty-Sixth Night of Christmas!

It’s the last Thursday before Christmas! Today I’m at work again. I actually work all weekend too so my family time is going to be significantly cut. 😩 I suppose next week I’ll be home (at least in the evenings) so there’s family time then.

Anyway, I hope you are all spending more time with your family than I am with mine. Tonight’s video is an old Mary-Kate and Ashley classic, “To Grandmother’s House We Go.” It’s corny but cute. Hope you enjoy!