Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy this special video! “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year.” Hope 2013 treats you well!


Fiftieth Night of Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! Today’s festivities began with going to dinner with my dad and brothers and then bowling with my brothers. I baked cookies today and went to church and now I’m getting ready for dinner with my family. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and an even better Christmas Day!

For the final video on this year’s countdown, I decided to go with a classic, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Hope you enjoy! And I hope you enjoyed the countdown this year. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to leave a comment on any post here. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Forty-Fourth Night of Christmas!

We’re getting real close! One week from today is Christmas! Unfortunately it rained all day today but I heard that the rain is going to turn into snow by the end of the week and it should stay cold through Christmas, so cross your fingers! Last night while I was with my friends we drove around a couple neighborhoods that had Christmas lights. I have a picture below. Tonight I’m having dinner with my dad and then hanging out with more friends because I work the next two days. 😔

Tonight’s video is “A Muppet’s Family Christmas.” Enjoy!



Forty-Third Night of Christmas!

Today I spent most of the day running errands with my grandma. The extent of a “Christmas-esque” day was listening to Christmas music in the car and reading my Christmas book in the waiting room while she was at the doctors. Haha. Not too exciting. Tonight I’m hanging out with some friends. One week until Christmas Eve!

Tonight’s video is Pinnochio’s Christmas! Enjoy!


Forty-Second Night of Christmas!

I am LOVING being home for the holidays!! And it’s only day one! Today was a jam-packed, Christmas-filled day! For lunch my family and I went to this restaurant called D&R Depot. It used to be a train station and they completely decorate the whole thing for Christmas with an upside-down Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling and everything! Then when we came home we took my dog to Petco to have a picture with Santa. She wasn’t really a fan, but we got a good picture! Then I wrapped presents (see below). I get very creative with the presents. Wrapping presents inside presents. Last year I had joke gifts for everyone. Creatively wrapping makes it fun for me to watch my family unwrap them on Christmas morning! Tonight we’re watching Christmas specials that we DVRed because I was in New York City.

Last night a couple of my friends and I went to see some Christmas lights. It was fun! Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday! Tonight’s video is “A Miser Brothers Christmas”!