About Me

Year Four, 2013 –

It’s my fourth year with the blog! I’m so proud of how much it has grown in the last year and I want to thank all of my followers and readers for viewing the blog. Good to know that I’m not the only Christmas freak 😀 This year I will definitely be home for Christmas and the exciting months leading up to it! I hope to be very festive! I’m talking about enjoying each moment from going on a drive and admiring the leaves as they change color to watching Halloween movies and going to haunted houses, and of course celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and preparing for Christmas all November and December. I’m excited!
Some new aspects to the blog this year is the new layout (I hope you enjoy!) as well as the blog’s Facebook and Twitter pages that can be accessed from the “About Me” drop-down menu on the homepage of the blog. Check them out and “Like” or “Follow” the blog for updates on how my Christmas is going! Looking forward to another great Christmas year!

Year Three, 2012 –

Well here I go for my third year with the blog. Unfortunately (as you probably noticed) I didn’t post at all last year. But don’t worry! This year I am determined to keep the blog updated on a daily basis! (Or regular basis, at least).
This year I’m 21, I graduated from my undergraduate school, Medaille College, in May and this fall I’m going to New York City for my graduate degree in publishing at Pace University. I’m excited. And since I’ll be farther from my family for most of the Christmas season this year, I will be turning to this blog a lot to get some of those good Christmas feelings here. I’m hoping to be able to make it to the Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Center, but we’ll see when I actually get down there 😉
My goal for the blog this year is to obviously update more, but also hopefully get more of you involved! So hopefully this blog brings those warm Christmas memories for you and we can enjoy the wonderful holiday together! Merry Christmas!

Year Two, 2010 –

Well, this year I’m 19, I still go to Medaille in Buffalo, still with the communications degrees. I’m a sophomore and because I came in with a lot of credits I only have a year and half left after this semester. My family moved into a new house this past October and it’s more homey and more welcoming. I can’t wait until the snow starts falling and the Christmas season comes around again. As you can probably tell from my posts, I’m big into the pop-culture aspect of Christmas, even though I know that it’s not the real reason for the season. I hope you enjoy the blog and continue to come back year after year! I will most certainly be posting every year. Feel free to comment and tell me what you like and don’t like. Also, you can share your stories or other videos, songs, pictures, etc that you want me to post or just want me to see. Merry Christmas!

Year One, 2009 –

I’m 18, I go to Medaille College in Buffalo, NY to study journalism (go figure), and I love the Christmas season. My favorite thing to do at Christmas is to turn off all the lights except the Christmas lights (doesn’t really work unless it’s night-time) and listen to Christmas music with a warm fire going. Even in the middle of summer I long for those cold winter days.


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