Tenth Week of Christmas: “Christmas in the City”

IMG_0875The Christmas celebrations keep rolling on! This past week was spent spreading the holiday cheer and embracing the festivity!

Last Thursday I finished up my Christmas shopping. I spent way too long and way too much, but it was worth it cause I finished it (well, I think…).

Friday I spent all day wrapping.




Talk about exhausting. I only stopped so that I could go to my town’s annual Christmas in the City. This year was the first year they had a holiday parade featuring floats from area fire departments and town staff. It was a little short and not very well planned, but it’s only the first year. I’m sure each year it will get better. But, what I am impressed with is how creative some groups got with their floats. The above photo is a snowman attached to a snowplow to make it look like he’s getting plowed out of the way. Others included full bands on the floats and firemen acting as reindeer for a firetruck. The leader even had a red nose like Rudolph!

Saturday I spent in the next town over participating in a holiday 5K run called “Jinglin’ All the Way 5K.’ My friend and I dressed in our holiday attire (ugly Christmas-sweaters, jingle bells on our shoes, and fuzzy winter hats) and ran the 3.1 miles scoring 52nd and 53rd out of 300. Not too shabby for only our third race! The run was supposed to coincide with the town’s tree lighting ceremony, but unfortunately the timing didn’t work out so we missed it. There’s always next year!

This coming weekend is packed full of even more holiday festivities and I can’t wait! What have you been doing to celebrate the season? Did you town have any Christmas celebrations?


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