Ninth Week of Christmas: “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

IMG_0872Black Friday marked the official start of the Christmas season. While some celebrated by braving the stores to go Christmas shopping and others decided to stay in and heat up some leftover turkey or pie, I spent my Black Friday with my brothers and my cousin. We went ice skating, and for people who haven’t really ice skated in their lives…it was an experience (especially when the six-year-olds were flying by us like pros).

That following Saturday we decorated the house for Christmas. We tend to over-decorate, but it just shows our holiday cheer!

The day after that we spent all day putting up the Christmas tree. We experimented with white garland with white lights (previously we only had color lights with blue garland). Plus we moved the tree to in front of the window, so now the house shines even brighter from the outside. The tree is stunning. The white lights really make it pop.

What do you prefer on your tree, white or colored lights?


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