Music Review: “Christmas in the Sand”


Acoustic pop singer Colbie Caillat first reached fame in 2007 after her MySpace music page blew up in popularity and she was finally signed to a major label. Her first full-length album, “Coco,” was released in 2007 and became a top ten hit. It went on to sell over two million copies. Fast-forward to 2012 and after two more studio albums, Colbie was tackling classic Christmas songs on her first full-length Christmas album, “Christmas in the Sand.”

As a Malibu, California native, Colbie is used to green Christmases. Her holiday traditions are likely very different than those of us in the north that enjoy white Christmases nearly ever year (yet that didn’t stop her from including “Winter Wonderland” or “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on this album). The title of the album and the title track resembles her unconventional Christmas traditions.

The first track off the album sets the tone for the rest of the set. A sweet, easy “Merry Christmas Baby” is accompanied by Brad Paisley. The album actually includes many guest appearances including Gavin DeGraw (“Baby, It’s Cold Outside“), Justin Young (“The Christmas Song“), Jason Reeves (“Every Day is Christmas“), and, of course, Brad Paisley (“Merry Christmas Baby“).

Despite the title track having a warmer feel to Christmas, the rest of the album is perfect for the holiday season for anyone in the world. Some of the highlights include: “Merry Christmas Baby,” “Christmas in the Sand,” “The Christmas Song,” and “Every Day Is Christmas.”


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