Seventh Week of Christmas: “Snowvember”

BackyardFor those of you who live in the warmer parts of the country (or the world) you may not think of snow when you think of November. Instead you’re likely thinking about turkey and pies and whether or not they’re playing Christmas music too early. But for those of us who live in the snowier parts of the world, November is basically another part of winter. 

This week has been an eventful one for Buffalo, NY as it has once again made national news for the extraordinary amount of lake effect snow it has accumulated in just 24 hours. Being that I live near Buffalo, I experienced some of this phenomenon.

The photo I posted last week was just the start. It had barely started then, tapering off as the weekend hit and really coming to town on Tuesday, hitting areas south of Buffalo the hardest. This image is of my back yard, with only two feet of snow (compared to the nearly seven feet places like West Seneca experienced). 

Needless to say, this weather was a good way to start winter and the holiday season with a bang! Check out this BuzzFeed post for more images of the places that were hit the hardest. 


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