Sixth Week of Christmas: “Let It Snow!”

Snow!Another week, another step closer to Christmas! This I have seen a conversion of sorts. This year, one of my best friends will be celebrating the Christmas season on her own for the first time. She has her own apartment and last weekend she sent me pictures of her putting up her Christmas tree and other decorations. She used to be a staunch believer in only-after-Thanksgiving celebrations. But it seems her independence has converted her!

In other news, my mother started her Christmas shopping Tuesday. Every year she starts shopping on Veteran’s Day. When do you guys start yours?

Also Tuesday, I went to work at my second job and heard Christmas music on the radio. This, of course, prompted the whole debate among my co-workers on when Christmas should be celebrated (same story every year…).

This morning I woke up to snow softly falling. It’s barely anything, but the forecast calls for low temps for the next ten days, so that’s exciting! I was so happy about the snow that I listened to Christmas music on my drive into work today.

Hope you’re all enjoying the entry into the Christmas season, as well as the posts on this blog!


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