Fifth Week of Christmas: “Enjoying the End of Fall”

IMG_0817 (2)This past week was obviously Halloween, so woohoo for that! One more holiday closer to Christmas! As always, as soon as November 1st hit, the world was bombarded with Christmas ads. Brace yourselves, Christmas lovers, the Scrooge’s start to show themselves riiiiight aboooouuut nooooow…

I guess I can see the point of the complaints. Some retail stores were putting up Christmas displays before Halloween was even over (not that I’m complaining…). But, look at it from a global perspective: Many Americans complain that they’re totally pushing out Thanksgiving.

Well…the whole world doesn’t participate in our own national holiday, no matter how self-consumed we sometimes get. No, the rest of the world has seven long weeks left until the next holiday. So cut them a little slack for celebrating a bit early.

Anyway, this past week the sky looked so beautiful against the rich colors of the leaves. It made me appreciate the season. We even got a bit of snow on Saturday! It seems like the holiday is ever so slowly approaching, but I suppose it feels like that every year. Yet I still have a hard time fathoming that it’s November.


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