Third Week or Christmas: “Fire Up the Heaters!”

IMG_0856Last week at our house we started to get into the festive holiday mood that will last through until New Year’s. We decorated the house for Halloween! Not only that, but we also put up the Christmas lights (not that we’ve turned them on yet…) Rejoice! The holidays are upon us!

This coming weekend I’m participating in a 5K titled, “Run for Your Lives!” The race starts and ends in a cemetery, so it should be fun. My friend and I are busting out our Halloween attire to showcase our spirit as we run. Also, we plan on doing a Christmas-themed 5K in December. These 5K races are great because it gives you and your friends something fun to do together that’s healthy, festive, and typically the proceeds go to some sort of charity. Who loses out there?

How about you? Have you decorated the house yet? What fun things do you do with your family or friends to get in the holiday spirit?


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