First Week of Christmas: “Feels Like Summer, Looks Like Fall”

IMG_0837We’re getting so much closer, wow! It’s the first week of Christmas, which means there’s only twelve more weeks until the big day! I have been a little slow to getting into the Christmas season this year (although significantly faster than most…).

Up until last weekend, it’s been really warm where I live. It had it’s pros and cons.
Pro: I got to take a bike ride in the beautiful weather to enjoy the leaves changing and falling. Usually the fall is full of gloomy, wet days that make me want to stay inside.
Con: Because it’s been so warm, I haven’t had the inkling to get in the Christmas mood.

This week, though, the temperature has dropped to average fall weather and I started listening to Christmas music a bit this week.

This week I also finished my Christmas shopping. I started early this year, but it’s all done! Now I just have to wrap…but that won’t happen until the tree’s up.

It won’t be long before we’re stockpiling the fireplace and decorating the house for the beginning of the holidays festivities.

What have you done so far to get ready for Christmas?


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