The 50 Nights of Christmas is now the 12 Weeks of Christmas

Hello everyone!

I know I don’t normally post a lot of text on this blog, it’s mostly pictures, but I wanted to drop by to let you all know of an exciting new change coming to The Spirit of Christmas.

Many of you have probably already noticed the header change. I hope you all like it. Feel free to comment below on your thoughts. 

As many of you yearly followers probably know, every year I post an ultimate countdown to Christmas Day. Typically it’s been called the “50 Nights of Christmas” and has featured music videos, movies, and holiday specials. While Christmas Day is still a wonderful day to count down to, this year the countdown will be called the “12 Weeks of Christmas.” Instead of posting daily countdown updates, we’ll be posting weekly media-filled countdown updates that you are sure to enjoy. 

As always, the blog will continue to feature pictures (hopefully you’ve been enjoying them so far this year), recipes, music reviews, holiday special line-ups, and so much more. 

I want to thank you all for visiting this blog and celebrating the Christmas season with me!


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