Christmas Cookbook

Outside of this wonderful Christmas blog, I’m a self-published author. You can check out my self-publishing blog, The Independent Author, if you’d like (And please don’t hesitate to sign up for my mailing list!). For the most part what I write is young adult fantasy, but I am definitely looking at penning some Christmas short stories and I was hoping that my terrific readers here on this Christmas blog might be interested in some of my holiday-themed short stories. A little farther down the line I am tossing around the idea of doing a Christmas cookbook. I know that the recipes I post, although not mine, have been very popular. The recipes I would include in my book would be all mine or someone I know personally, so you wouldn’t be getting the blog re-hashed in book form. However, a cookbook is a much larger (and much different) project than a novel or a short story. It would require more time and money on my part, but of course I would do my best to make it as perfect as possible. Please answer the poll below to see if the Christmas cookbook is even a worthwhile venture for The Spirit of Christmas.



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