Music Review: “Christmas”

From the moment it was announced that Michael Bublé was going to be releasing a Christmas album, I was so excited. I really liked his previous Christmas EP, “Let It Snow!” and I knew I would love his first full-length Christmas album even better. Michael has that buttery, velvety voice that reminds you of the all-time Christmas classics by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Michael’s influence of jazz and big band music makes this collection timeless and fun. Something to sit down and listen to as well as play in the background while you’re baking cookies or putting up the tree.

“It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas” starts off the album rightfully so. From the moment Michael sings the first note, you know this song as well as the rest of the album is going to be incredible. A intro to the rest of the album.

The next song is “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,” and while sometimes I feel cheesy and juvenile listening to this song, Michael uses jazz elements and ad-libs in order to make this song relevant to adults as well as kids.

Michael’s take on “Jingle Bells” is interesting. It features the Puppini Sisters because he wanted to make a song similar to that of the Andrews Sisters from the 40’s. The song is a great big bandy/boogie-woogie/swing song. It’s fun and current and simply incredible.

The album features several different artists from across many different genres. The next artist he featured on his album was country star Shania Twain on his take of “White Christmas.”  If the opening notes (“Do do do, do do…”) sound familiar, they’re from the “White Christmas” featured in the Christmas movie classic, “Home Alone.” Michael’s and Shania’s voice blend so well together on the song. On Michael’s UK Christmas special last year he sang this song with R&B star, Kelly Rowland, and did a splendid job with that as well. This is actually Michael’s second recording of this song. He first covered it on his “Let It Snow!” EP, however that was a solo performance at the beginning of his career.

Michael tackles Mariah Carey’s huge classic, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” While he slows down the tempo and drastically changes the arrangement, I absolutely LOVE this song. Possibly one of my favorites from the album. When I first heard that he was going to cover it, I shrugged it off and said that every does it. Justin Bieber was doing the same thing for his Christmas album last year. But once I heard the song, I definitely think this is one of the most underrated songs Michael has ever done. Incredible.

“Holly Jolly Christmas” is the next song on the set, and while it’s not especially memorable, it certainly is a delightful listen. Like I said, something to play in the background while you’re doing your Christmas activities for the year.

Oddly enough, the next song is “Santa Baby.” It definitely is an odd pick for a guy to sing, however Michael changes the lyrics a bit to make it fit from a guy’s perspective. The song is fun and creative, and I really enjoyed it. It’s moments like this that Michael is able to take a Christmas song and make it his own while still keep that timeless, classic feel that I think Michael has crafted the best Christmas album of the decade.

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever, and Michael makes the song beautiful. Again, not the most memorable song, but still very sweet and worth a listen.

The next song, however, is very memorable. “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” is simply amazing. Michael shows off his impressive range. The song is peppy and right on. It’s a great song to bop around to in your house during the holidays. So catchy and fun. I love it.

“Silent Night” is beautiful and sweet and soft. With songs like these, it’s perfect to play at night as you fall asleep. So peaceful and festive.

The sound of “Blue Christmas” returns to the jazz portion of the disc. While Michael doesn’t sound particularly sad on the track, it’s still a great listen. I love how he incorporates so many natural and real instruments into the songs to make the album sound classic.

“Cold December Night” is Bublé’s only original song on the album, and it’s a nice song. Not an instant Christmas classic like some people’s original Christmas songs, but I don’t think that’s what he was going for on this song. Regardless, the song is still a great addition to the album.

Michael rerecorded “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” for this album. The song is great. It starts off with just Michael’s voice and slowly builds throughout the song. Again a great listen for the holidays, especially listening to when going to sleep. I know I did that a lot last year around Christmas. 😉

Michael does a great job at singing “Ave Maria.” I know it’s a Christmas classic, but this song has always bored me. Michael’s version doesn’t completely bore me, so job well done. For those who love this song, you’ll love Michael’s version. He stays very true to the original without trying to spice it up too much. Too many people ruin Christmas songs that way.

It’s really no surprise Michael decided to cover “Feliz Navidad” on this album, considering how he married an actress from Argentina last year. He says he’s been learning Spanish as much as she’s been learning English in order for them to communicate. Michael sings the song with Thalía, and it sounds flawless. I think the great thing about this song is that despite it being in Spanish for most of the song, it’s still catchy and a Christmas classic. Seriously incredible. Take a listen.

Michael covers the classic, “Winter Wonderland.” Again, his buttery voice makes this song incredible. He doesn’t try any tricks with the song. He sings it straight. Amazingly done.

The Puppini Sisters return to assist Michael with “Frosty the Snowman.” No tricks except for the feature of the Puppini Sisters, whom I love! I love 40’s-style influenced in music every once in a while. There’s also a jazz vibe that makes the song even more fun.

The final song on the album is “Silver Bells,” which features friends of Michael’s, Naturally 7. Nearly completely a cappella, the song is a sweet way to take out the album.

The album is simply amazing. If you haven’t listened to the album yet, get out and buy it. I think it may even be better than Mariah Carey’s first Christmas album, “Merry Christmas,” that’s how good it is. Michael simply outdid himself on this one. Such a classic right here.


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