Music Review: “Let It Snow!”

I like Michael Bublé. I think he’s got that soulful voice that makes everything family freindly, but doesn’t totally bore the younger generation. Actually, there’s something about him that makes adults and kids fall in love with his music. I like it and I’m only nineteen.

The album was only an EP, so it only had 6 songs, but they were great versions. It started off with “Let It Snow.” You know, I used to think that Bublé didn’t have the vocal strength as some other singers, but I think he does very well in his own. I would say he’s one of the best male singers of our time. “Let It Snow” was fun and easy to sing along to. The next song was “The Christmas Song.” Once again he wowed us with his wonderful crooning of that song. The next song was “Grown-Up Christmas List.” I used to not like his version because I favored Kelly Clarkson’s version. I still like Kelly’s version better, but I don’t dislike Michael’s. It’s good. The fourth song is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” It sounds like something you’d hear in the background of a Christmas special of a TV show. It’s really good. I enjoyed it. “White Christmas” was the next song, and a live version of “Let It Snow” was the last. The only thing that I have against this album is that most of the songs sound the same. Actually, the live version of “Let It Snow” sounded almost identical to the studio version. That’s good that he’s a great live singer, but it’s nothing new. I don’t know. I guess because it’s a holiday album it’s okay. I’m going to put all the holiday songs on shuffle this holiday season so it doesn’t matter. If you’re a Michael Bublé fan–and you probably are–you should add this CD to your collection. 


2 comments on “Music Review: “Let It Snow!”

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