Music Review: “Santa Claus Lane”

I got this CD last year, and I wasn’t a huge fan of it then. I really liked the song “Santa Claus Lane,” which was featured on “The Santa Clause 2.” That’s why I first bought the album, but as I listened to the whole thing a second time, and a year later, I realized, I kinda like it.

The CD starts off with “What Christmas Should Be,” which is a bubble-gum pop holiday song about world peace, but it’s catchy. The next song is “Santa Claus Lane,” which is a favorite. I love it. The next song is where the album starts to go bad. She’s sings differently on this CD than she does on her other albums, and I don’t really like it. However, this was her first album, so maybe she was just trying to find her style? The fourth song is “I Heard Santa On The Radio” with Christina Milian, and even though it’s another bubble-gum pop song, it’s catchy. I like it.

Hilary experiments with a rock-sound (at least at the beginning and end of the song) with “Jingle Bell Rock,” and “When The Snow Comes Down In Tinseltown” is another happy, but catchy tune. She does good on her take of “Sleigh Ride,” again, she was a new singer then, so she was still trying to find her style, but it’s catchy.

Now this next song, “Tell Me A Story (About the Night Before)” with Lil’ Romeo was not a favorite of mine last year, but when I listened to it again, if you ignore the rap parts, Hilary does an awesome job with the choruses. She needs to do a rap collaboration on her next album. That would be awesome.

I think her take on “Last Christmas” could’ve been better, but I’m sure if she rerecorded it today she would do better.

“Same Old Christmas” with her sister, Haylie Duff, is another catchy song about Christmas traditions.

Her final song, “Wonderful Christmastime” is a bad ending for the CD. This was not a good version of this song. Her vocals are weak, and she could definitely do better.

All-in-all, I liked this album, even if she could do better on some songs, but she was about fifteen or sixteen when she recorded this, so you can’t expect it to be perfect. Definitely a must-have.


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