Music Review: “Christmas From The Heart”

This was my favorite CD out of the three I got today! I LOVED it! It’s definitely a holiday classic in my book. The cover looks a little odd and the inside promo pictures were a lot better that he should’ve used instead, but the music out-weighed the cover!

This CD is filled with intimate versions of classic holiday songs, and David’s voice does so well with these songs and he simply amazes me with his vocal ability. His ballads are incredible. He is like a male version of Mariah Carey! Definitely a must-have.

The only parts that I was a little resistant on were the songs he sang in another language, which were only a few, and not even the whole song. I enjoyed them, nonetheless. Once I continued to listen I got into them.

The final song on the album, “Melodies of Christmas,” which is an original song, was very good as well. I really liked it and I hope he releases it as a single.

Today I also started to listen to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album, “Merry Christmas,” but I only got two songs in, so maybe tomorrow I’ll listen to it.


One comment on “Music Review: “Christmas From The Heart”

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